Weekly Poker

Weekly Wednesday Poker

The Seatoun Poker Club run a No Limit Hold’em tournament every Wednesday.

Start time is 8:00pm
$25 entry fee purchases 5000 chips.

Blind schedule
8:00pm 25/50 10:30pm BREAK
8:30pm 50/100 10:45pm 300/600
9:00pm 100/200 11:15pm 500/1000
9:30pm 150/300 11:45pm 1000/2000
8:30pm 200/400

Rebuys can be purchased only once the player has busted and at any time before the break. Maximum of 3 rebuys only.

15% for the SBC
15% for 3rd Place
25% for 2nd Place
45% for 1st Place

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