Seatoun Poker League

Seatoun Poker League

The Seatoun Poker League No Limit Hold’em tournament is held on the first Sunday of every month.

Start time is 6:30pm.
Players arriving late will forfeit 4BB for every level missed.
$50 entry fee purchases 5000 chips minus any late arrival forfeit

Blind schedule
6:30pm 25/50 9:00pm BREAK
7:00pm 50/100 9:15pm 300/600
7:30pm 100/200 9:45pm 500/1000
8:00pm 150/300 10:15pm 1000/2000
8:30pm 200/400 10:45pm 2000/4000

Rebuys can be purchased only once the player has busted and at any time before the break. A player must rebuy immediately after they bust.
Max of 2 rebuys. $25 purchases 5000 chips for each rebuy.

Addons can be purchased during the break if a player has not used all of their rebuys. For example, if a player has had a single rebuy then they can optionally purchase a single addon.
Max of 2 addons. $25 purchases 5000 chips for each addon.

15% for the Club
15% for 3rd Place
25% for 2nd Place
45% for 1st Place

SPL points are awarded to all players who make the final table. So 8 points for the winner down to 1 point for 8th.

The 2020 SPL Trophy will be awarded for the player with the most points from the 2 remaining tournaments of 2019 and the 11 tournaments scheduled for 2020. There will be no tournament in the first week of January 2020. The Trophy will be engraved and held at the Seatoun Bowling Club on display.

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